Sen. Tim Scott Announces He’s a RINO – Pretty Much


Sen. Tim Scott is an incredible disappointment as he embraces McConnell’s RINOism, the ideology of weakness, and meaningless talking points. First, he endorsed Republicrat Lisa Murkowski as a strong leader. He said, “she works really hard.” That’s true, and so did Attila the Hun. In her case, she mostly works hard for the opposition party.

Scott claims it’s the “power of incumbency,” and she has the best chance of winning. Okay, so we figured we’d store that endorsement in the back of our minds, but then he addressed the raid of Mar-a-Lago on CNN.

About the unprecedented raid of one party against the former president of another party who might run in 2024, he said, “We should let it play out.”

“There’s been lots of questions before this raid about whether or not the FBI is doing their job apolitical. And we don’t know the answer to that question yet. This is going to raise more questions, in my opinion. We need to let this play out and see exactly what happens. But we should all be stunned and surprised and shocked at what happened yesterday. The real question is, what is the Federal Records Act, and what are we talking about?… We really need to let this play out.

“We don’t know the answer to that question yet?” Really Tim?

He also evaded and distanced himself from Donald Trump and Trump supporters.

Along with his mediocre record in the Senate, we think Sen. Scott is going nowhere in the Republican party. He sure won’t be Donald Trump’s second, should Trump run in 2024.

Maybe he and Lisa should officially join the Democrat Party, where they kill unborn babies to the moment of birth, groom little children, open the borders to the world, and spy on political opponents. We have enough weak Republicans who sit back and let everything play out as Democrats rampage through the Constitution.

Sen. Scott wants to be president, but in which party?


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