IRS Whistleblower Vindicated or Is This Another Ruse?


Kaitlin Collins and Gary Shapley

On Friday, whistleblower Gary Shapley spoke with Kaitlin Collins about the appointment of David Weiss as special counsel. Mr. Shapley explained that he came forward with Mr. Ziegler because they had never seen a criminal investigation handled like this in their history with the IRS. They had to abide by their oath of office.

Mr. Shapley said that they were vindicated when Attorney General Merrick Garland came forward and basically admitted to the American people that they were misled by what the DOJ told them about the investigation.

The IRS whistleblower says he was vindicated because Merrick Garland said he’d refile charges against Hunter in venues other than Delaware. He also wouldn’t need to appoint a special counsel if David Weiss had the charging authority.

Shapley said they are seeing a correction here, and Merrick Garland is contradicting himself.


By responding to Mr. Weiss’s request to let him serve as special counsel, Mr. Shapley believes “it is an admission by him because, on October 7th, 2022, he said that he had to go to the D.C. US attorney, who President Biden appointed, meaning he wasn’t the deciding official. He even said that on that day, we know that he had to go to California to that president. …we were told that he was also turned down.

“… Attorney General Garland, in front of Congress on April 26, 2022, and March 1st, 2023, [told] Congress and the American people that they can have confidence in this investigation because it’s being ran [sic] by a Trump appointee and he has a charging authority. So, if he has that charging authority, why does he need to be given this special counsel authority?…”

About appointing David Weiss as special counsel, Shapley said, “… the most important thing is that the American people have confidence in this investigation and that they know that each person is treated the same under the law. And I don’t know how the DOJ can conclude that United States Attorney Weiss has that confidence of the American people and that this special counsel appointment is really going to resolve any issues.”


Senator Tom Cotton has his own perspective on why the DOJ announced that it would voluntarily vacate two tax charges against Hunter Biden without prejudice in order to refile the charges in California or Washington, DC.

“Biden’s DOJ wants to dismiss the charges against Hunter, supposedly to refile them elsewhere, no doubt before some liberal judge who will rubber stamp a sweetheart deal,” Cotton wrote. “Remember when Biden’s DOJ and Hunter’s lawyers meet, they’re not negotiating. They’re conspiring.”


US Attorney General Merrick Garland on Friday announced that US Attorney for Delaware David Weiss was appointed Special Counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation.

Weiss asked for special counsel status in the Hunter Biden case.

According to Justice Department regulations, “The Special Counsel shall be selected from outside the United States Government.”

He claims the authority under Section 28 USC sections 509, 515, and 533.  On Friday, Mark Levin, a constitutional attorney, insisted that he was violating the law (600.3). “A special counsel must be chosen from outside the DOJ. So how did Garland appoint Weiss special counsel?

I’m not a lawyer and can’t respond to that. However, Garland should have gone outside the DOJ. It looks like another cover-up. In fact, it looks like a brazen cover-up.

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3 months ago

These criminals are constantly covering up things and get away with it. It’s when you expose or try to uncover things that get you (Trump) in trouble.