Is AG Jeff Sessions In Witness Protection or Incompetent?


The Sentinel was concerned when President Trump called for Attorney General Sessions to resign but his instincts were right according to many who now see Sessions in action.

For instance, Sessions knew from the start that he would recuse himself over the fake Russia scandal yet he took the AG position. He is also sitting on his hands with the obvious collusion and lawlessness by Democrats, according to Lou Dobbs and Gregg Jarrett, a Fox legal analyst.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) is calling for a second Special Prosecutor “to investigate the actions of Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Loretta Lynch.” Nothing is happening.

Unfortunately, as Gregg Jarrett reminded Lou Dobbs on his show, “Congressional investigations are good but you’ve got to have a Department of Justice investigation, either by the DOJ itself or a special counsel.”

Only the Attorney General can appoint the Special Prosecutor but Sessions is MIA. Both Dobbs and Jarrett agree there is tremendous frustration in the White House over what the AG won’t do.

Dobbs asks, “What the hell is the matter with Jeff Sessions, a man who, by the way, I’ve known for twenty years?” He describes him as being “withdrawn, he’s become isolated it seems, either in the Justice Department or in an undisclosed location, I don’t know which. But something’s terribly wrong with him.”

Jarrett agrees: “He should never have accepted the position as Attorney General, for a couple of reasons. First of all, he deceived the President. He intended to recuse from the outset and he concealed that from the President. Second of all, and I hate to say this, but I think he’s incompetent.”

Jarrett continues, “He was a very fine US Senator but he is in way over his head in the Department of Justice. He has failed to comply with subpoena requests.”

Dobbs asks, “So what is a President to do?” Jarrett doesn’t have an easy solution, noting, “I think the President probably wishes that Sessions would step aside.”

Jarrett sums up the direction of their discussion saying, “Things would change dramatically in Washington if McConnell and Ryan would step aside from their leadership positions and if Jeff Sessions would humbly resign as Attorney General.”

“That would allow, I dare say, a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Susan Rice and Loretta Lynch,” says Jarrett, “because there is compelling evidence that all of them may have committed crimes, not Donald Trump.”

They note there is a repeat of the same sort of malfeasance in California with an illegal alien being released as happened with Kate Steinle. Jarrett points out that Attorney General Jeff Sessions could start enforcing the law, prosecuting “people who shield illegal ‘immigrants.’ There’s a specific statute. Let’s start putting these mayors and police chiefs behind bars.”

President Trump seems to have the right instincts about Jeff Sessions. The man should resign.

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