Is it racist in Georgia to ask Black people for IDs? Funny!


This is a man-in-the-street interview. The interviewer asks Black people in Georgia if they have IDS, have they been asked for IDs, and do they think it’s racist.

Watch, it’s funny:

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Rumors of WARS
Rumors of WARS
2 years ago

Buying tobacco, alcohol, and other age restricted products requires ID therefore…racist!
Trotsky found the achilles heal when came up with racism as a way to destroy the republic.
An excellent local high school teacher showed us the USSR 1984 Olympic agitprop videos regarding racism (!) and offered any snowflakes a free pass to go to a study hall if it was just too much.
This was before the soy pajama safety Über alles rot took off.
Even though it was a rural route school at the time the racism (!) lessons started in fourth grade with videos that left some classmate comrades in tears, parents and siblings always asked what did you do at school today and they told me that we owed nothing and that debt was paid in the Civil War which still has a higher death count than all the other wars combined.