Radicals vandalize restaurant & police car, frighten diners in de Blasio’s NYC


By anyone’s standards, this is unacceptable and it’s not political to say so. Don’t just sit there and take it. Speak up and speak out.

The NYPD tweeted a video of the incident outside Balthazar on Thursday in New York City.

“Tonight, in Lower Manhattan, demonstrators purposely caused property damage to a local restaurant by breaking several windows while patrons were eating dinner,” the NYPD tweeted. “Small businesses need our support. Vandalism is not the answer, especially during these trying times.”

The people in the restaurant don’t deserve this. These radicals pounded on the windows, breaking some, but don’t hold your breath waiting for communist mayor de Blasio to arrest them. Black people aren’t left out as they claim. It’s utter nonsense, and these protesters are communists and anarchists working to take down this country using race as a cover. Wake up!


They damaged a police vehicle:

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