Israel Calls for Hamas’s “Total Destruction” as UN Conflates Terror


Israel called for Hamas’s “total destruction” at the UN today. The latest buzzword is the Israel response must be “proportional.” The ambassador wants to know what a proportional response would be to beheading babies and raping women.

The UN secretary-general blamed Israel for the terrorist attack. Israel is constantly defending itself. Hamas doesn’t want peace.

In addition, Israel’s foreign minister canceled his meeting with the UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres that was planned for later today in New York. He canceled after Gutierres claimed that Hamas’s maniacal genocidal attack on October 7 didn’t take place “in a vacuum.“

There is no occupation. The Palestinian people have been suffocated by Sharia Law and the terrorists who rule over them.

Israel’s ambassador to the UN called for the UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres to resign over these comments.

If Israel wants to invade, they’d better do it soon. They are losing to pure evil – Hamas.

The Palestinian Authority is looking to rule over Gaza and now claims they want peace. Their words and actions since October 7 seem to disprove that.

Sara Carter put up a timeline with the PA’s comments since October 7.

According to reporter Sara Carter, the PA said things like Palestinians have the right to end the occupation “by force,” and “it is our right to resist the invaders.” They called the Hamas attack perpetrators “martyrs” and said, “their blood will cause victory and holiness to bloom.” Rather than condemn the Hamas attack, Abbas stressed the suffering of Palestinians.

Abbas did condemn Hamas by name but edited that out only a few hours later. Read her timeline. It’s good.

More from the terrorist Nazis.

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