Israel Catches Freedom Convoy Fever to Jerusalem!


Most of the Israeli press will not report this, but The Jewish Press did. As many as 20,000 to 30,000 vehicles participated in a “Freedom Convoy” to Jerusalem on Monday. They traveled abreast until they reached the city. They held large protests outside Israel’s parliament and Supreme Court.

Inspired by Canadian protests, they set off on Monday morning from forty cities across Israel. Trucks, tractors, cars, and motorcycles took off from 40 cities, traveling the main thoroughfares and blocking entrances to Jerusalem.

The event’s organizers called on the government to end the mandates as they protested in Jerusalem. They want children freed, masks dropped, an end to testing and “safety” requirements, and a complete opening of the economy.

While the media has ignored them, many Israelis have been protesting for months to drop the corona law which gives the government special powers. This convoy, labeled “Take the Wheel”, was the most dramatic to date.

It was crowdfunded by ordinary people.

Israel is up to its 4th dose with one of the worst surges of cases and high death tolls in the free world. It’s clear the predictions have not come true and their vaccines and mandates aren’t working as expected.


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2 years ago

You have some major highways around Jerusalem but the main city can’t handle much traffic. I really thought Bennet would be a much better leader, but given he won such few votes and, as a result, his coalition is hanging by a thread. I never understood Why the decision to use a system the British Occupation put in place. One of the main problems is far too many minority parties which results in many not having their votes count at all, if they don’t meet the threshold. It also seems the Altalena Affair lingers on.