Fascist PM Trudeau Becomes “Increasingly Erratic and Enraged”


Justin Trudeau only won by 32% of the electorate in Canada and yet he thinks he has a mandate to call thousands upon thousands of working people in Canada “terrorists,” “racists,” and “insurrectionists.” He invoked the Emergencies Act yesterday which would allow him to do anything he wants to any people with whom he disagrees, even to the point of having banks seize their accounts. He’s as crazy as Joe Biden and Democrats labeling 72 million people “terrorists”.

Some reports indicated the Senate has seven days to vote on it so Trudeau isn’t a dictator just yet.

Justin Trudeau showed his true colors before his election to high office. For example, he really admires Maoist China. Their “dictatorship allows them” to “turn their economy around” and he’s impressed with their “flexibility” to go green.

A dictatorship allows them to turn their economy around and it’s so nice the CCP has that “flexibility”??? Okay then!

Trudeau is becoming “increasingly more erratic and enraged”

Trudeau only won with 32% of the vote. Many Americans want the same corrupt form of voting. That’s how Adolf got into power and it should be rejected out of hand.

The Prime Minister is becoming more “erratic and enraged.”

Canada has a choice. They could vote for this leader. Will they vote for freedom or fascism? Hopefully, freedom. They’re on our border.

This is not a revolution even as much as Trudeau wants to paint it as such.

The calm before the storm.

Where is dictator Trudeau? This looks like a commie insurrection more than truckers wanting everyone back to work.

Trudeau is a liar and so is his state-supported media.

Thank you Justin!

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