Israel Potentially Faces Civil War Over Judicial Reforms


Israel’s Knesset passed the first part of a bill to limit the power of the Supreme Court. It still has to go through two more votes. It is a battle between the secularists and the religious Jews led by Bibi Netanyahu. Biden has been highly critical of the Netanyahu contingent and has tried to influence the people.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters believe Israel could become a theocracy.

The government says the reforms serve to strengthen democracy, arguing the Supreme Court has accrued too much power over politics in recent decades.

Deepening the crisis, thousands of reservists, including pilots in the air force crucial to Israel’s offensive and defensive capabilities, have vowed not to volunteer for service. Such unprecedented dissent has caused alarm over the potential impact on Israel’s military readiness. The bill limits the ability of the Court to interfere in government decisions.

The protesters feel their freedoms are being taken away, but the ruling government believes the power of the Court to interfere in government decisions needs to be turned back.

On Monday, Israel’s president warned political leaders that the country was “in a state of national emergency.”

They are facing Civil War.

There are a lot of enemies who want to destroy Israel. Come on, guys – work it out.

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