Israeli Study Finds the 3rd and 4th Shots Don’t Work Against Omicron


A second booster shot, the fourth shot, of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine-induced antibodies probably not high enough to combat Omicron, Israeli researchers said Monday.

Sheba Medical Center has been studying 150 health care workers who received a second booster, or a fourth shot.

“Two weeks after administering the fourth vaccine, we see a good increase in the antibodies, higher than after the third dose, but not high enough against Omicron,” lead researcher Prof. Gili Regev-Yochay told reporters in an online briefing.

Israel, one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, has seen case rates skyrocket after the emergence of Omicron.

Early data indicated that the first booster restored some of the lost protection against infection, but that the protection again dropped after just a few weeks.

The same thing happened with the fourth shot.

“We see an increase in antibodies, higher than after the third dose. However, we see many infected with Omicron who received the fourth dose. Granted, a bit less than in the control group, but still a lot of infections,” Regev-Yochay told reporters.

While the vaccine protected well against the Alpha and Delta variants, “for Omicron it’s not good enough,” she added.

In other words, it doesn’t work.

Pfizer hasn’t responded yet.

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5 months ago

It is just like the first and second shots, which also do not work, and were not intended to work. The so-called boosters merely produce more variants. It is well known in history that this occurs. But Israel does not have respect for its people and will continue the abuse. The idea that a fake vaccine or a real one can eliminate colds is ridiculous. The real issue here is governments across the globe are abusing people in an unprecedented fashion, not some silly study of gene therapy on 150 people.

Stop Medical Tyranny
Stop Medical Tyranny
5 months ago

That might prove that ADE, anti-body dependent enhancement was caused by the boosters, which helped create the mutation.

1000 Years To Flatten The Curve
1000 Years To Flatten The Curve
5 months ago

What about the eleventieth and fourty three thousandth?
Greedy drug companies rushed it all into production with zero quality control or oversight or is it malice? (stupidity and evil are alike)