Dragon Ladies of ‘The View’ Used MLK Jr to Trash Republicans


“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The dragon ladies of The View falsely claimed today that Republicans banned the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr.

“And I know that his legacy, MLK Jr.’s legacy, is under direct attack now. His legacy of voting rights, and that saddens me. And I’m frustrated by that,” co-host Sunny Hostin claimed.

That’s completely untrue.

Hostin falsely stated that Republicans banned schools from teaching students about MLK Jr. That’s even ridiculous on the face of it.

“And I know because nine states, you know, have passed so-called Critical Race Theory legislation, 20 states in our country are passing that kind of legislation, that are children all over the country that won’t learn about Dr. King’s work. His life’s work. The work he gave up his life for,” she argued.

They also exploited the voting rights situation. When MLK Jr. fought for equal voting rights, they were deprived of their rights in some states. That is no longer the case. Today, Democrats want to take away the rights from Conservatives.

Hostin said Republican efforts to pass voter ID laws amount to passing “voter suppression laws.”

“And then I think about the fact that 19 states have passed voter suppression laws. That 34 additional — that have passed 34 laws to suppress the vote,” she said. “And so, I’m reminded on a day like today that we have so much more work to do, and I think we’re up to the task, and I hope that voting rights laws will be strengthened.”

There are no voter suppression laws, just normal voter security laws.

Whoopie Goldberg said Democrats fought for civil rights during the civil rights movement. The truth is the Democrat Party was opposed to equal civil rights. Dixiecrats were behind the Jim Crow laws.

“We fought you before many times and we’ll fight you again,” Goldberg said to Republicans.

These people are just ignorant.


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a hero and a genius. He was a man of peace and courage. Dr. King knew someone would assassinate him but he fought for freedom and equality anyway. He would have been 93 today.

After the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963, King told his wife Coretta, “This is what is going to happen to me also. I keep telling you, this is a sick society.”

Economically, he had Marxist views because of the poverty he saw, but when it came to race, he wanted a color-blind world. He stood for equality.

Progressives today are canceling his wonderful teachings of equality of opportunity for all. They want equity. In other words, they, the Left, don’t want equal opportunity, they want the same results or better results for all minorities. They think they can remedy the sins of the past by engaging in systemic racism against whites today.

Dr. King stood for equal voting rights. He was not fighting for voting rights for Democrats only.

That’s not what MLK Jr. stood for nor what he wanted to see in this country.


Flashback when Joe Biden said a criminal was more important than MLK Jr: “even Dr. King’s assassination did not have the worldwide impact that George Floyd’s death did.”

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