Italy’s NWO Prime Minister Mario Draghi Will Resign – Update…Maybe Not


Update at the end

Italy’s New World Order globalist Prime Min­is­ter Mario Draghi said he would re­sign af­ter a key party in his coali­tion pulled its sup­port for his gov­ern­ment.

Mario Draghi, NWO puppet.

Mr. Draghi’s an­nounce­ment made late Thurs­day af­ter a cab­i­net meet­ing, came af­ter squab­bles among the par­ties in his coali­tion on whether to send arms to Ukraine.

He said he would quit as Italian prime minister after the party in his ruling coalition in Rome refused to participate in a confidence vote earlier in the day.

“I will tender my resignation to the president of the republic this evening,” Draghi told the Cabinet, according to a statement translated by Reuters.

“The national unity coalition that backed this government no longer exists,” he said.

The Five Star Movement, one of the parties in the coalition government led by Draghi opposed a new decree aimed at lowering inflation and battling rising energy costs.

They claim it’s not ideological or the result of problems within the executive. Nevertheless, the coalition is falling apart over internal Chos.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò said Draghi is the quintessential New World Order guy.

“Mario Draghi represents the quintessence of the tyranny of the New World Order, in its cynical competence, in the professionality of its devastating action, and in the efficiency of its functionaries. And it is not surprising that he was educated, like Joe Biden and many other globalist leaders, in the ideological school of the Jesuits. It is not surprising, and also it could not have been otherwise: only a structure that was strongly hierarchical and almost military could have manipulated the young consciences of entire generations, with diabolical foresight, preparing the advent of tyrannical and inhuman society.”…

Archbishop Viganò Draghi’s motivations are “to legitimize measures in violation of the natural freedoms of individuals.”

If we are able to understand that what is happening in Italy is part of a single script under a single direction, we will succeed in grasping the coherence between facts that are apparently heterogeneous, and above all we will understand that the motivations that are adopted in order to legitimize measures in violation of the natural freedoms of individuals are nothing other than pretexts, as false as they are rationally incongruent.

And since everything is based on a colossal lie, it will be enough for only one of the deceptions to collapse to make the entire globalist Tower of Babel collapse, its hierarchs, its priests, its courtiers, its servants. Cadent a latere tuo mille, et decem millia a dextris tuis; ad te autem non appropinquabit: Psalm 91 reminds us of the protection of the Most High and the punishment that awaits sinners; it urges us to place our trust in God, Who will send his angels to protect us along our way.

Let us not allow ourselves to be seduced by the apparent inevitability of evil: Satan is the eternal defeated one, whether he seeks to destroy the Church of Christ – an unshakeable rock in the Savior’s own words – or rages against what remains of the human consortium. And if there really is to be a Great Reset of our society, it will be accomplished only with repentance for the public sins of nations, with a new Renaissance of Christianity, with a return to the Law of God.

The Archbishop doesn’t like him or his globalist values.

Update: Italy’s President rejected Drag’s resignation. That freezes the political situation until next week when Draghi will address Parliament. It could hurt Europe’s war for Ukraine. This could all change if Giuseppe Conte of the Five Star Movement returns to the government dictatorship.

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