It’d Be Fun if the Braves Invited Biden, Abrams, & Manfred To Throw Out a 1st Pitch


The Atlanta Braves got screwed out of hosting an Allstar Game, honoring the great Hank Aaron.  The culprits were Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams, and Baseball Commissioner, Rob Manfred, who canned the event based on a Joey lie that scored 4 Washington Post Pinocchios.

Imagine the fun Braves fans would have if the organization invited each one of the three to throw out the first pitch in a World Series home game.

Give Stacey the ball to kick off game three.  Bet she doesn’t reach home plate from 20 feet away.  But the chorus of catcalls and boos wouldn’t change to cheers if she threw 95 mph from 60 feet.

Joey, the little league shortstop from PA could do the honors in game four.  It would be beyond perfect because Donald Trump is scheduled to be “in the house” that night.  Imagine the stadium erupting in “Let’s go Brandon chants!” while the feeble Biden tries to find his way to the mound; as Trump in a box high above the field, simulates throwing a baseball like a guy who actually played the sport at a pretty high level.

We’re sure that even after the previous evening’s fatigue from jeering Biden, cheering Donald, chanting, and laughing their fannies off, the Atlanta faithful will have energy enough to boo the cowardly Manfred for his hand in the city’s loss about $100 million in much needed small business revenue.

Alas, the only one of this trio who would ever show up is the commissioner, and only cause it’s his job.  But we can still chuckle at the fantasy, and still, enjoy the “Let’s go Brandon” choruses bound to be heard while “The Donald” is at the game.

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