Corrupt VA Dems Pose as White Supremacists – Update



In case you haven’t been following, five Democrat operatives, apparently staffers for the McAuliffe campaign in VA, were outed as tiki torch-bearing white supremacists today. Their presence was promoted by the McAuliffe campaign, journalists, and Democrat political commentators.

~ Ian Miles Cheong

Virginia Democrats posed as white supremacists by a Youngkin campaign bus, but unfortunately for them, they were caught. They had to make their accounts private as a result. All the white supremacists were Democrat operatives.

One of the white supremacists is a financial director for the Young Virginia Democrats. This is a common tactic by leftists. One of the ‘white supremacists’ is black. Do they want to perpetuate the notion that blacks can be white supremacists?

They were Terry McAuliffe staffers. McAuliffe must be desperate.

Meghan McCain tweeted: Just for clarity – the McAuliffe campaign sent a bunch of his staffers to pretend to be tiki torch white supremacists at a Youngkin campaign event? Pathetic all the way around. And don’t absolve the staffers who did it, they aren’t kids. Dirty, shameless, pathetic politics.

The pedophile-enablers at The Lincoln Project fell on their sword and are now saying they set it up to remind people of Charlottesville. Charlottesville was a case of Antifa and BLM activists going to Charlottesville to stir up trouble during a right-wing march. An autistic man, who has caught standing with Nazis, plowed into left-wing marchers, killing one woman. Look at the last clip for The Lincoln Project statement.

They also found a black white supremacist.

It’s not likely The Lincoln Project planned this because the operatives hid all of their accounts when they were caught. It’s dirty politics.

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