“It’s beyond horrible,” former soldier arrested-released as 400 he tried to save remain


A former British soldier, Ben Slater was on a mission to evacuate 400 Afghans via a third country as the British office advised but he has failed. His staff was turned away at a land border. Slater called on the Foreign Office to help his staff escape after a “complete disaster” at the border.

His latest mission has gone on for two weeks.

Slater and a coach of Afghans spent two days at the border, staying in a hotel near the checkpoint. But on Thursday he was arrested by the Taliban and thrown in prison, where he was questioned about members of his staff, who are single women, staying in a hotel without husbands.

After being released, Slater was told he would be allowed to cross the border with one assistant, but the rest of his staff must return to Kabul as they don’t have visas to travel to the UK. Slater vowed he would continue to help them, telling The Telegraph that he would attempt to secure visas.

“The final blow to the operation is that the UK are only granting myself and one of my executive assistants visas to go over the border. They haven’t even suggested they are going to issue the visas for some of the rest,” he said. “It’s a complete disaster really… It’s beyond horrible.”

Fifty of the women were his staff in Afghanistan:

Thank Joe Biden for all of this.

Biden is talking about funding the terrorists and has legitimized them in many ways.

The Talibs are now going after the Afghan opposition led by Amrullah Saleh, the only opposition to their heinous and cruel terrorism who are hold up in Panjshir.

Talibs have blocked humanitarian access to Panjshir, do racial profiling of travelers, use military-age men of Panjhsir as mine clearance tools walking them on minefields, have shut phones, electricity and do not allow medicine either. People can only carry a small amount of cash, according to Amrullah Saleh, the Acting President of Afghanistan resisting the Talibs.

It is rumored that he and two other leaders have fled to Tajikistan.

Lara Logan Says We Are Groveling at the Feet of Terrorists

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