Star quarterback explains why he won’t say if he’s vaccinated


Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz was activated off the reserve/COVID-19 list on Thursday after he was considered to be a high-risk close contact following a positive COVID-19 test, which forced him to stay away from the team for five days.

Wentz won’t tell anyone if he is vaccinated or not. The reason he said is that it’s a “personal decision for me and my family.”

“I respect everybody else’s decision and I just ask that everybody does the same for me,” Wentz told reporters. “I know that’s not the world that we live in, everyone isn’t going to view things the same. No one really knows what is going on in someone else’s household and how things are being handled. So, it’s a personal decision, that’s just where I’m at on it.”

[Good point control freaks — mind your own business]

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

Results of the known fake test and the known useless jab have no relationship.

2 years ago

The insanity is the Government does not recognize people who are Antibody Positive with Natural Immunity. Before the “want to be vaccines”, these people gave Blood to help others. The Government just found out that probably 80% of America has some level of Antibodies, thus the Nation has technically reached Herd Immunity, but the “vaccines” are Leaky and creating mutations that the Lab Rat Vaccines aren’t as good as Natural Immunity in providing immunity. As always, follow the money.