It’s Illegal to Protest Elections “in Marxist Hellholes Like Zimbabwe, and now D.C. and Atlanta”


On Monday, Mike Davis, Founder and President of the Article III Project, joined Fox News At Night with Trace Gallagher to discuss the late night, breaking news of President Trump being indicted in Georgia:

“This indictment is loud, long, and lawless. And it is part of the Democrats lawfare campaign, and several different jurisdictions across America, several different Democrat hellholes across America, including D.C., New York, and Atlanta to take out President Trump through the legal system because they fear they can’t beat President Trump on November [5], 2024.

This is essentially, they’re alleging a conspiracy of 19 people violating 41 different felonies for the noncrime of objecting to the presidential election, which is allowed by the Electoral Count Act of 1887, and twisting arms politically is allowed by the First Amendment.

I hope President Trump moves forward immediately with a motion to dismiss this lawless indictment. He has presidential immunity if he’s acting within his presidential powers or if he’s acting within his private capacity, he has the First Amendment defense,” Davis said.

“This is a mess of a case. This will not hold up under the law. If it is not reversed by the Georgia courts, it will be reversed by the Supreme Court of the United States. The question is when? Whether it’s before the presidential election on November [5], 2024, or after, but this is a shotgun approach by a Democrat prosecutor who is campaigning on taking out President Trump through the legal process through lawfare. She set up a website. She’s raising money off of this. This is a joke of a complaint,” Davis added.

“I think the bigger hope is that Democrats are sending a very clear warning to Republicans for 2024. If you dare to question elections in America, which you’ve been allowed to do up until this point, we’re going to come after you as the Democrats. We’re going to prosecute you; we’re going to try to put you in prison. This is a very chilling indictment. It is more than crossing the Rubicon. It is only illegal to object to elections in third-world, Marxist hellholes and now in New York, D.C., and Atlanta,” Davis said.

Mike Davis
He later told Jesse Watters you are only prevented from objecting to elections in Marxist Hellholes. [But that is where Democrats are taking us, isn’t it?]

Correction: I had to delete the post by reporter Simon Ateba claiming Fani Willis slept with a gang leader. I couldn’t find confirmation.

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