It’s the RESISTANCE! Brenda Snipes Will Not Comply


Board of Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes was ordered by a judge to turn over vote counts. The court also found her in violation of state public record laws. The law doesn’t matter to her. She has refused. At the same time, election officials in Palm Beach threatened journalists.

Snipes defied a court order to allow state officials to inspect the voter records she’s been handling.

“That was supposed to be complied with by 7:00. The lawyers for Brenda Snipes will not allow our team to come in and comply with the court order,”  Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz revealed Friday on Fox News.

“That very same order ruled that Brenda Snipes violated the Florida Constitution by not allowing access to these important records.”

This is the new strategy of the Resistance. Rick Scott won and Ron DeSantis won but the left is trying to redo the election. Mark Elias, Hillary’s lawyer who is running the leftist show, said they are in Florida to win.


The Miami Herald is reporting Broward’s elections supervisor ‘accidentally’ mixed more than a dozen rejected ballots with nearly 200 valid ones. There is no solution for it now.

Senator Marco Rubio tweeted yesterday: A new & troubling allegation has emerged. A statement under penalty of perjury that filled out new ballots to replace damaged ones without allowing campaign representative to witness the process of creating the new ballot as required by law.


This next story is amazingly unbelievable.

The latest is election officials in Florida’s Palm Beach County threatened the media’s own journalists and reporters with arrest for trying to record them counting and reviewing election ballots during a PUBLIC meeting.

“Breaking from normal practice, the Palm Beach County elections supervisor banned media from filming and photographing the high-profile midterm election ballot review process,” The Palm Beach Post reported early Friday evening.

“Five Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies watched the meeting both from inside the room and behind the glass windows lead inside. Under threat of arrest and removal from the meeting, reporters shut down their cameras.”


Additionally, dozens of boxes filled with mail-in ballots are still sitting inside a Miami-area mail distribution center, according to photos obtained by The Miami New Times. They were found the same day Miami-Dade announced they were done. That county has had serious problems over the years and they too are liberal stronghold as are Broward and Palm Beach Counties.



  1. So what is the matter with the AG in Florida? Has he not heard of “arrest and prosecute”? How can this stupid moron democRAT run around violating Florida election laws and there not be any consequences?

  2. If Democrats didn’t commit voter fraud, could they ever even win an election? Oh yeah…they hegde their bets by bribing minorities with entitlements. Oh yeah…AND they bolster their votes by demanding felons and illegals get to vote. Oh yeah…AND they let those people vote regardless! Oh yeah…AND they now want the voting age reduced to SIXTEEN so they can get the fresh ones still processing indoctrination in public schools.

    It’s SO blatant and fraudulent and duplicitous and nefarious…and we sit by and allow it to fester and spread…doing NOTHING in the least to check it.

  3. Judyann J, RN
    I agree. It’s time to end voter fraud in ALL states.

    Democrats ‘excel’ in lying & cheating. And they’ll do ‘anything’ to win.

  4. If this crap is allowed to go forward then other states run by democrats will see this is how to run an election – if you don’t like the result then refuse to follow the law and invent votes.

  5. What good does it even do to vote? if a Republican doesn’t win by 10% they have a recount and keep doing it until the dims win. We have to overcome women, illegals, felons and dead people voting along with criminals counting votes. I will never vote again.

    • This is what happened in Washington state. For days after they kept finding ballot boxes, three times, until the Democrats finally won the vote. Democrats have corrupted our Democratic vote. We must have police involvement. All ballot boxes shall be returned to the Register’s office as soon as the box is to full to receive more ballots. All ballot boxes are locked and secured until counted. Then it taken and delivered to the Registrar’s office where it’s receipt is stamped, witnessed that all is according to law and signed. Voter corruption that is allowed to continue endangers democracy for us all and tyrants will reign.

    • Dave. Thanks a lot. If you don’t vote, you are part of the problem. Consider, if all registered voters voted, there wouldn’t be any give in the system to introduce illegal votes.

      • Then you should be proud of Broward (Coward) County; they have had over 100% voting for multiple elections now, 106% in 2010.

  6. Here’s how you do this, the original election night results STAND.
    Every individual on working those election districts IMMEIDATELY fired, each subjected to FBI interrogation under penalty of law… “you CAN’T LIE to the FBI” but, no agents from local offices.

    The Sheriff’s Dept who carried out illegal orders, FIRED, interviewed by Feds. The sheriffs issuing those orders, FIRED, In fact, sheriffs’ deputies should be reassigned, split up that entire nest of left wing operatives.

    Brenda needs to be arrested and charged, IMMEDIATELY.

    Those counties have been filthy dirty for many years. It’s time to put them Out Of Business. Every worker involved in this cabal must be made an example of.


    • These people should be in jail. The law apparently is being broken with impunity and since the FBI and DOJ have been subjugated over the past 10 odd years no one it seems is able to do anything to correct the situation. The fact that a majority of the electorate are either too stupid or indoctrinated or both to comprehend that allowing this to go unchallenged does not benefit anyone, including themselves, is a travesty….

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