Jan. 6 Committee Report Will Be a “Narrative Thriller”


J6 Witch Hunt Committee Goes Hollywood

Admitting It’s About November

Since Democrats have no successes to run on, they are forced to use the January 6 riot at the Capitol to get Democrats elected. While still calling it an insurrection, it was never more than a riot by a small number of attendees with several hundred people who simply paraded around the Capitol.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans whom the Left despises stood outside in a peaceful protest.

The J6 panel is afraid a government report of so-called evidence isn’t enough to damage Republicans in the midterms so they’ve decided to weaponize it by turning it into a dramatic “story.”

The Washington Post, based on anonymous people with knowledge of the process, reports that the “House Jan. 6 committee is looking for high-profile journalists to write its report about the attack on the Capitol. They’re “hoping to build a narrative thriller that compels audiences and is a departure from government reports of yore.”


“Committee members and staffers are seeking to compile dramatic videos, texts, and emails in a digital format that is easy to understand — and easy to share on social media. And they want to put together blockbuster televised hearings that the public actually tunes into.”

They want to “make the public care deeply — and read hundreds of pages more — about an event that happened more than a year ago, and that many Americans feel they already understand.”


“We do not want a bureaucrat to write this report but rather a historian or a journalist — or someone who writes and can tell a story in a compelling way so that people can actually understand what happened,” said Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-Fla.), a member of the committee. 

Two people with knowledge of the report say the committee wants it to include gripping testimony and quotes, along with starring roles for key players in the events leading up to and on Jan. 6, 2021. 

“Investigators need a certain sense of showmanship — they really need to demonstrate and dramatize what’s happening because the public is distracted,” said Ritchie. “After getting the publicity, then it’s figuring out what you’re actually going to do about the problem.”


There will be an interim report in the spring. There will be public testimony and another final report before the November elections. They are admitting here that the purpose is to damage Republicans’ chances in November. Democrats have nothing else.

If they have evidence, then they should put it in a normal report. Why do they need to “tell a story”? And why does it have to be dramatically presented with cherry-picked material if they have evidence?  They are using the excuse that Americans need it done this way so they can understand it.

Democrats are widely expected to have a tough time in the upcoming midterm elections. Some Democrats privately fear a bloodbath.

They are also hoping for charges against some Republican lawmakers, possibly some running for office.

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