Former AG Barr Admits Democrats Rigged the Election


Former Attorney General Bill Barr has been running around with his book, “One Damn Thing After Another,” which bitterly rails against Donald Trump’s “BS” complaints that the election was rigged. In his appearances on legacy media, his comments about Trump were harsh. He mostly focused on Trump’s claims that the machines were rigged. Barr was different in the interview with Jesse Watters on Fox. He admitted Democrats rigged the election when they called Hunter’s laptop “Russian disinformation”.

Watters confronted Barr about the Department of Justice’s lack of pushback against the intelligence community’s false claims.

“Did you just hear the conversation about the laptop from hell?” Watters asked.

“Yes, I did,” Barr responded.

“When this was all going down in the fall, did you see what the left was doing with this disinformation campaign? Did you come out and say anything about that?”

“Absolutely,” he said. “As soon as this letter came out from these so-called intelligence specialists, the DNI, John Ratcliffe at the time, and the FBI, which worked for me, both came out and said this was not the result of disinformation, Russian disinformation. The media ignored that completely. Just kept on going with the disinformation line.”

The media ignored that.

“That’s pretty egregious,” Watters said. “Would you say that there was a conspiracy between Big Tech, former intelligence officials, the media, the Democrats to, I don’t know, let’s just use the word ‘rig’ an election?”

“Yes,” he responded. “That definitely made an impact on the election, suppressing that news. And it’s not a question of whether it was criminal or not. Just the facts alone were shameful and most Americans would immediately see what was going on and how repulsive it was and it would have had an effect. The issue of criminality is a different issue.”

The New York Times provided confirmation that the U.S. mediathe Intelligence Community, and Joe Biden lied when they denied the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop, calling it probable “Russian disinformation”.


Bill Barr feels the riot was shameful enough and Democrats didn’t need to make up the Russian disinformation lie.

He believes Donald Trump caused the riot in “the broad sense”. However, the riot was planned in advance by a small group on the far-right. The President did not call for a riot. He continually called for a peaceful protest.

As for “BS” claims, Donald Trump would have been better off concentrating on the mail-in balloting, illegal laws, illegal ballot harvesting, and unsecured Zuckerboxes, not the machines. For his part, Bill Barr should have interviewed witnesses who said the election was corrupt. He never interviewed anyone.

This is shameful too and Barr hasn’t said a word about it. He also didn’t do a thing about the Antifa and BLM riots.

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Sick of it All
Sick of it All
10 months ago

I hope Barr’s book sales flop and ends up at the dollar store.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
10 months ago

It was a silly, soft interview, tailored for the Faux audience, to sell books to the gullible conservative Faux viewers.

Barr is always consistent in externalizing himself from the situations. He knew nothing, there was nothing he could do about it, the states needed to act. He took the oath. He would complain about things then not act. For example, he whined about states changing election laws, but he file no lawsuits.

If the FBI admitted the laptop was real, it was such a minor statement, as part of a coverup, to cover themselves. In effect, Barr’s claim is just another lawyer lie.

Hunter's dad
Hunter's dad
10 months ago

Its time for mass executions of traitors in this country

It Intensifies
It Intensifies
10 months ago

O/T-A group of Iranian-backed extremists that Democrat President Joe Biden removed from the official Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) list reportedly launched attacks against Saudi Arabia over the weekend.

“The Saudi-led coalition said early on Sunday that the Iran-aligned Houthi group launched four attacks on the kingdom that damaged civilian cars and homes but caused no casualties,” Reuters reported. “Saudi state news agency (SPA) said one attack targeted a water desalination plant in the city of Al-Shaqeeq, an Aramco facility in Jizan, a power station in the southern Dhahran al Janub city, and a gas facility in Khamis Mushait.”


10 months ago

History (if correctly recorded) will show that nearly all things said by Trump concerning the anti-American behavior of the Democrats and the fake news media were true at the time and remain true today.

The liberal’s hatred of Trump and their complete stupidity regarding conversion of energy and the true cost of manufacturing and installing sufficient green energy systems, their maintenance and the disposal of their spent materials has caused them to prematurely halt production of fossil fuels in the US and cause massive economic woes for the American citizens.

Common sense says that ceasing to use one source requires adequate replacement sources BEFORE DOING AWAY WITH THE CURRENT SOURCE!

Liberals are frickin’ IDIOTS!