J6 House Panel Ratings – Bonanza or Flop? – Depends


The panel of the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 riot in the Capitol began a marathon of public hearings Thursday evening. It’s aimed at convincing a divided nation that former President Trump’s claims of a stolen election incited his followers to try to interrupt the peaceful transfer of power, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The J6 committee introduced their ‘evidence’ of sedition or conspiracy last night on primetime in a Hollywood production. The theatrical component demeans Congress.

They didn’t have evidence but they did have an audience of 19+ million. Allegedly, MSNBC had 4.1 million viewers beating out Fox with 3+ million.

This took place as the Bureau of Labor Statistics prepared their May statistics showing that inflation soared yet again last month.

The congressional hearing was produced by a former ABC producer, and the panel read from scripts and teleprompters made to put insomniacs asleep.


TheFederalist.com analyzed it and while it looks like a bonanza, it’s not really. As it drags on, we are guessing the one-sided performance will lose viewers.

ABC News, a former president of which produced Thursday’s show trial, drew 4.8 million viewers. NBC and CBS each pulled just more than three million. The legacy networks, then, pulled about 11 million viewers combined Thursday night. According to AdWeek’s latest analysis of weekly television news ratings for the week of May 30, the broadcast networks’ evening programs collectively averaged nearly 18 million viewers, 7 million more than tuned in to Thursday night’s Democrat programming.

Nielsen data published by The Hill revealed bumps for CNN and MSNBC which drew 2.6 and 4.1 million viewers respectively. The numbers are major jumps for the struggling networks which now typically struggle to reach an average 1 million viewers for their prime-time lineups. According to AdWeek, CNN averaged 555,000 viewers between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. Wednesday and MSNBC averaged about 1.2 million. In contrast, Fox News Channel pulled an average of more than 2.8 million Wednesday night between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m., and on Thursday, averaged 3 million without carrying the Jan. 6 Committee proceedings as did every other network.


Compelling testimony did come from Capitol Police officer Caroline Edwards. That was likely the only compelling testimony for people who know what is going on.

The panel didn’t play the clip where Donald Trump told people to march peacefully. And they won’t.

“What’s actually missing in this special sauce of prime TV hours, slick videos and positive press is the one ingredient truly vital for public interest – credibility,” says Kimberly Strassel at the Wall Street Journal.

The performers didn’t bother to mention that the Trump Pentagon offered National Guard troops four days before the riot/rally. Since Speaker Pelosi is responsible for the security of The Capitol, why isn’t anyone asking her why she didn’t have guards there. Why is she allowed to hide her correspondence while every opponent has to turn over every single document, email, presidential communications, and so on?

The Trump Pentagon first offered National Guard to Capitol Police four days before Jan. 6 riots, a memo shows. Democrats kept turning it down.


The committee features no Republican-appointed members — two Republicans appointed by Democrats hate Trump and they’re RINOs fully or in part.

“Can Americans trust the findings of a panel whose members began with a preconceived narrative and blackballed any dissenting voices?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s unprecedented decision to veto Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s picks last July in favor of her own handpicked Republican members blew the committee’s credibility before it even started work.

Americans will find it easy to reject “evidence” that is too fragile to bear the scrutiny of fellow House members,” reports Strassel.

The subpoenas issued by the panel – not duly authorized to issue subpoenas – were blatantly political to damage their Republican opponents.

“The committee’s initial directive to telecom and social media companies to preserve the communications of private citizens—including members of Congress—but to keep the targets in the dark so they’d have no opportunity to litigate. The flurry of criminal referrals to the Justice Department with no debate over whether those accused might have legitimate claims of executive privilege. The committee’s more recent, jaw-dropping decision to subpoena sitting members of Congress,” Strassel wrote.

As these clown politicians worry about a January 2021 riot that no one thinks is an insurrection, Democrats have pushed the United States far-left and they’re ruining the economy. This is as crime rages in our cities and all our money goes to Ukraine. Illegal immigration is also ruining the country. The panel is merely a distraction.


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