How Polls Rate Donald Trump’s Chances in 2024


Polls show that despite the best efforts of Trump haters in the media and on the J6 panel, Donald Trump is still the favorite for 2024. The polls below reflect his chances in the primary although he would easily beat Joe Biden were he to run at age 82.

In the June 4-5 Morning Consult survey, 53% of GOP voters said they would vote for Trump over at least a dozen other potential candidates if the 2024 Republican presidential primary were held today.

His popularity is only down 3 percentage points from Trump’s potential vote share in a survey conducted before 2022’s primary season heated up, Morning Consult reports.

His chances look very good.

In a 2024 National Republican Primary Poll, Trump gets 51% of the vote, DeSantis 18%. Pence 12%, Haley 4%, Romney 3%, Cruz 3%, and Rubio 1%.

While Trump has yet to officially announce his intention to run in 2024, he has dropped several hints and continues to remain vocal on social media, says Breitbart.

Trump won’t announce he’s running in 2024 before November — if he announces he’s running at all. If he does announce, the left will make November about him. So, he can’t announce.

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1 year ago

A Trump / Desantis Ticket is a done deal.

Bill Patterson
Bill Patterson
1 year ago

Part of it for me is that it is due DJT. He already won the Presidency in 2020.