J6 Prosecutor’s Wife Has All-Access Pass to the White House


Fatima Gross Graves, president of the National Women’s Law Center and wife of Biden-appointed U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Matthew Graves, visited the White House at least 28 days during the Biden administration, official records show. Graves allegedly refused to prosecute Hunter Biden.

DC US Attorney Matthew Graves

Mr. Graves is the J6 prosecutor overcharging and recommending extreme sentences for J6 defendants.

Julie Kelly wrote, “Two weeks after the Senate confirmed his appointment as DC US Attorney, Matthew Graves indicted Steve Bannon on two counts of contempt of Congress.

“After Graves indicted one of Trump’s longtime advisors, his wife gained enviable access to the White House…”

Mrs. Graves visited the White House five days in March 2022, as well as three in September and three in December of that year, in addition to other sporadic visits throughout the year.

Records for 2023 are only available through March, but in three months alone, she visited ten days, mostly in February and March.

Mrs. Grave’s a very left-wing activist supporting affirmative action and abortion. She has attended numerous White House events.

“Fatima Graves’ seemingly all-access pass raises serious ethical questions considering her husband’s key role in prosecuting thousands of Trump supporters,” Julie Kelly wrote, referring to how Matthew Graves, as D.C. Attorney General, is a key prosecutor in Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot cases.

Kelly writes, “Fatima Goss Graves, CEO of a radical leftwing nonprofit currently involved in a coordinated campaign to remove Clarence Thomas from SCOTUS, has visited the White House at least two dozen times since her husband became D.C. U.S. Attorney.

Fatima Gross Graves

Whistleblower Gary Shapley accused Graves of declining to prosecute Hunter Biden on tax crimes committed in D.C. in 2014 and 2015. House Republicans asked AG Garland to permit Graves to sit for a transcribed interview.

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