Kellyanne Conway Sticks Up for Grifter Husband George


President Donald Trump’s former White House advisor Kellyanne Conway told her nearly ex-husband George Conway on Twitter not to cave to his newfound leftist friends. She also praised him and listed his accomplishments.

George Conway appeared to agree with the Supreme Court decision on affirmative action while on Twitter. That’s a no-no with the Left.

“I despise squeezing human beings into checkboxes,” tweeted Conway last Thursday

“You should too.”

“There are days when progressive apocalypticism approaches the level of Trumpist apocalypticism, and this day is one of them,” he added.

Elie Mystal took exception because acceptance requires you to agree with every single thing the Left wants and says.

“Happy ‘George Conway is not your friend’ Day for all who observe,” MSNBC’s Elie Mystal said.

Beast and the Beauty

Kellyanne graciously came to his rescue but followed it up by telling him not to respond to the bullying.

“Attacking. @gtconway3d for agreeing with #SupremeCourt that it’s unconstitutional to consider race in college admissions is especially rich. George is Asian; a product of public schools; accepted to Harvard at 16, Yale Law School at 20; made partner at top law firm at 30; not a nepo baby; immigrant mother & non-college degree father; he paid off his student loans; checked no box; asked for no special preferences.

“He got Twitter-famous for attacking his wife & her boss. But he’s earned respect for making his own way, relying on merit and hard work.”

George then tried to appease the hysterics on the Left, saying: “I love all of you even if you now hate me.”

It is odd that he would hate Trump so much that he’d sacrifice his wife. Equally strange is how he went from conservative to far-left. Money might have contributed. It’s not strange if you think of him as an attention seeking grifter.

Conway, a jealous misogynist, spent years humiliating his wife on social media.

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