J6 Protester Convicted of Parading Was Subjected to Humiliation


A J6 protester convicted of parading in the Capitol was subjected to abuse by the judge. Julie Kelly received a letter from him detailing how he was treated.

Ms. Kelly wrote on Twitter in a series of tweets, “I received this today from J6 protester who pleaded guilty to one count of “parading” in Capitol. Not charged with a violent crime—judge sentenced him to 60 days in prison. But DOJ abusive investigation, federal judges’ merciless lectures & sentences only part of the punishment.

“Boyd, like so many, didn’t just lose his job but also longtime friends and associates. Dropped by his bank and other companies. Had to leave his home state, try to build a new life somewhere else. Judge Kollar-Kotelly, before sentencing, told him his family (young son) had…

“to pay for his “crimes” on January 6. He walked into the open door on Senate side as at least 6 Capitol police stood by. Judge told him to educate his son about “democracy,” LOL.

Boyd Camper, a former Marine, brought his ten-year old son to the rally, which was his other crime according to the fascist judges and media.

Mr. Camper paraded in the Capitol with a camera taking pictures and made a comment about “taking this place” and called it the insurrection act. He did not act violently or encourage any violence, nor did he damage anything. In other words, he committed a speech violation.

You can read the letter here.

What kind of democracy do these confused wretched judges want us to live in? A cruel, unforgiving, harsh one?

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