J6 Videos Indicate That It Wasn’t an Insurrection


The rally and riot of January 6, 2021, was primarily a peaceful rally. Some people broke windows to enter the Capitol Building, and a riot ensued at some point. Many entered through open doors, allowed in by the police. That is what happened. That doesn’t meet the definition of a planned insurrection. Nothing warranted the arrest of over 1,000 people, with another 1,000 targeted. There was no reason to put people into prison cells for decades.

When the riot first took place, police said it was a small number of people who were out of control. That’s likely closer to the truth.

The January 6 panel and Nancy Pelosi weren’t completely honest. The fact that her daughter happened to be there with her film crew is allegedly a coincidence, but that seems implausible.

The only thing surprising here is that anyone ever believed this was an insurrection.

Donald Trump said this evening, “There was no terror during my administration. The only terror was Nancy Pelosi.”

Tucker called the administration and the January 6 panel liars. He referred to his interview with former Capitol Police Chief Stephen Sund in the clip below. Nancy Pelosi set Chief Sund up as the scapegoat, forcing him to resign.

This Metropolitan Police Officer felt the Capitol Police were setting them up. He sensed something was wrong.

You can watch the videos here and see what you think.

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