J6er Is Suing the DOJ Over False Arrest & Imprisonment


I received the following letter in the Sentinel email and thought you might be interested in it. Mr. Rivera, a Marine, was sentenced to eight months in prison for what looks like speech crimes and for walking around the capital taking pictures. The DOJ said he joined a crowd that surged police. I don’t know what that means, but they’ve made particular note of the fact that he told everybody to ‘Come on, come on,’ and then said he had something to show his family. His speech was not a crime. Of course, we now have an administration that creates crimes. I’m not trying to solicit funds for him necessarily, but I want people to see it. I have the DOJ link here that you can read. I’m not impressed with the DOJ’s case. They came down hard on him. The Gateway Pundit had a piece on him here.

The DOJ overcharged all of these protesters or attendees. To do it, the prosecutors distorted crimes on the books like the Enron crime of obstruction of official proceedings. His case is typical.


Rivera family

Dear Patriot,

Please give a critical donation IMMEDIATELY to fully fund my crucial lawsuit to GET JUSTICE FOR ALL JANUARY 6 PROTESTERS AND SET THEM FREE.

Hello, my name is Jesus Rivera. I’m a U.S. Marine combat veteran and a patriot.

On January 6, 2021, I recorded the events at the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. for a local news station back home in Florida.

I shot that video on my smart phone and a digital camera to provide for my wife and kids.

I didn’t attack police or even protest.

I just recorded what was happening, and peacefully entered the Capitol like many other patriots that day.

But around 7:30 AM on January 20, 2021, between 12 to 20 heavily armed FBI agents raided my home with guns drawn. It was terrifying. They had no probable cause, and their search warrant was obtained through lies, even outright fraud.

Let me tell you, I felt shocked and confused.

And frankly, I was scared my family would get hurt!

I was forcefully handcuffed, then moved to the FBI building.

My wife asked for the search warrant several times but didn’t get it until after the FBI agents finished searching our home.

As a U.S. Marine, I survived rocket attacks and exploding roadside bombs trying to bring freedom to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. But then my freedom gets trampled on right here at home by FBI agents!

Can you imagine being treated like this in America?

I sure couldn’t … but then it got worse.

Leftist District Judge Colleen Collar-Kottelly sentenced me to 8 MONTHS in federal prison!

Between you and me, my wife and kids spent those brutal 8 months with knots tied in their stomachs. They lost sleep. Because they didn’t know if I’d get killed or badly beaten by the real criminals in that prison.

Well, I’m free now – and I’m fighting back in court with a game-changing, class action lawsuit that PROVES the FBI and other agencies carried out ILLEGAL SURVEILLANCE on January 6 patriots. That means our criminal convictions can be THROWN OUT. And our criminal trials MUST STOP.

My lawyer, Larry Klayman, filed this crucial lawsuit.

Larry is founder and general counsel for Freedom Watch.

He’s a former federal prosecutor and trial lawyer who’s fought for the American people for 41 years.

You’ve seen him on CNN, Fox News, and other cable news outlets.

Larry took on Bill Clinton and is the only lawyer in American history to have a court rule that a sitting President committed a crime.

Larry knows what it takes to take on federal agencies, politicians, even presidents, and win.

And with this critically important case, Larry can PROVE IN COURT that Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray, their departments and agencies at the U.S. Department of Justice ordered and carried out ILLEGAL SURVEILLANCE OF LAW-ABIDING AMERICAN CITIZENS!

The shocking, un-American conduct alleged in my lawsuit can’t be allowed to go on.

If the FBI can illegally arrest me, an innocent U.S. Marine … and if the DOJ can throw me in prison unjustly for 8 months …  they can do it to you, our families, our friends, and our fellow Americans.

That’s why I beg you to stand with me at this crucial time.

We simply can’t win this case without your urgent help. This lawsuit is very, very expensive.


Please give what you can right away!


Jesus Rivera
Proud American and U.S. Marine combat veteran

P.S., my NEW class action lawsuit PROVES the FBI and other agencies carried out ILLEGAL SURVEILLANCE on January 6 patriots. That means our criminal convictions will be THROWN OUT … and that our criminal trials MUST STOP.

Please dig deep and give a critically important donation right away.

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2 months ago

Oh my. THAT’s the best he could do? Larry Klayman? There’s a reason he’s no longer with Judicial Watch.