Biden Says Bidenomics Is to Give Us a Little Breathing Room


According to the polls, the number one concern of Americans is the economy. Joe Biden continues to brag about Bidenomics.

Overall inflation under Joe Biden and his Bidenomics is at 17.2%. Real wages have declined by 3%. Biden falsely claimed wages have gone up while inflation has gone down 65%.

Economist Larry Kulow reported on Tuesday:

Inflation has slowed, but it’s still rising, and it’s still well above the Fed’s own target, but here’s Joe Biden’s problem: Since February 2021, his first month as president, consumer prices are up 17%, but average weekly earnings are up only 12.8%.

So, that’s a drop in take-home pay of over four percentage points. That’s a killer for Joe Bidenomics. Meanwhile, grocery prices are up 21%. That’s another killer for Joe Bidenomics. Energy prices, which have come down a bit, are still up over 30%. Gasoline prices have come off their highs but are still at $3.13. They were $2 last Christmas. Ouch! Another killer for Joe Bidenomics.

Bidenomics is about breathing room.

He’s gaslighting us.

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