@Jack Says Twitter Will NOT Be Neutral When Censoring Political Speech


During an interview with podcaster Sam Harris on February 5th, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey answered questions about Twitter always landing on “one side of the political divide,” Newsbusters reported.

Dorsey admitted they would no longer optimize for neutrality which he sees as a lot more passive than impartiality. He assured the host Twitter will be impartial, i.e., unbiased with checks for bad behavior.

Harris specifically questioned Dorsey about Twitter’s decision to ban feminist Megan Murphy for tweeting “Men are not women,” while ignoring Rev. Louis Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic tweets.

Dorsey said, “I don’t believe that we can afford to take a neutral stance anymore. I don’t believe that we should optimize for neutrality.”

He later added that they don’t ban for one violation, and there must have been multiple offenses.

Harris said it was odd that terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas have accounts, but alt-right people are banned for life.

The host asked him why he doesn’t merely go by the First Amendment, and Dorsey said they go by the First with the “spirit of our policies.” But they are also looking at behaviors in the background.

Dorsey stated that Twitter could be impartial by having a list of rules, explaining the consequences for breaking the rules, and installing an appeals system that works.

But he is not going to be politically neutral. “Ultimately, I don’t think we can be this neutral, passive platform anymore,” he said. He will be impartial, not neutral because of all the threats and violence.

Then why do Antifa, Hezbollah, Hamas, Farrakhan get to stay, but Gavin McGinness doesn’t? I guess we have our answer.

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