Jack Smith Is Accused of Fabricating a Phony Case in Kosovo


Trump prosecutor Jack Smith is accused of building a “phony” case against the former President of Kosovo, Hamid Thaci, for political reasons. Thaci was imprisoned for three years and is still in prison. Smith’s own witnesses said Smith lied to them.

The Republican hearings on Kosovo and Serbia have not included anyone who has actually visited the region. Rick Grenell offered his services, and 2 1/2 weeks ago, he went there. It’s a dangerous place, and he went without security.  The people were grateful that he came and actually asked them what they thought.

Grenell read the testimony of the one witness who had never been to Kosovo, and that person really had no idea how the people on the ground felt. There were no facts from the ground, and it was a whitewashing with a lot of talking points.

The Balkans could easily be brought into this Ukraine war. There are so many areas of the world near war you could easily start World War III.

“The Prime Minister of Kosovo is a disaster – it is his fault. He has united Republicans, Democrats, Europeans, and NATO altogether to condemn him. Now that’s unheard of because we, the United States, have had great relations with Kosovo in the past.

And this is where it gets more interesting and shocking.

Trump’s federal prosecutor “Jack Smith actually put the president of Kosovo in a Hague Court and put him in prison. He’s still in prison three years later. There is no judicial process. The charges against the Kosovo president from Jack Smith are totally phony. All of the media in the Balkans are talking about how phony it is.


“When I was the presidential envoy negotiating between Kosovo and Serbia we were making so much progress, we were talking about getting rid of some of the NATO troops because nobody wants NATO troops in their country if you’re trying to appeal to western companies to come in and grow your economy. So I said, let’s get rid of some of the NATO troops, and then I got agreement from both sides to get rid of the international court that was ruling over them.

“Former Yugoslavia, the ICTY court – mandated by the UN Security Council, we pay for it. American taxpayers are paying for this court in The Hague. The previous prosecutor before Jack Smith had been there about six years and said I’ve looked at everything. There’s no indictments to give. I’m walking away. I’m leaving.

“DOJ sent in Jack Smith. I got both parties to agree to get rid of the international court – bring all of the court proceedings back to Kosovo or Serbia. Let these countries who have been trained for 20 years to realize their own judicial system and take control of it.

Rick Grenell said he made a mistake calling a guy named Bruce Schwartz in the DOJ. After explaining how he got rid of the court in The Hague that taxpayers were paying for, Schwartz objected.

Guess what happened.

“Within two months,” Grenell says, “Jack Smith indicted the Kosovo President to try to stop this process!” He didn’t stop the process, but he did keep the president in prison.

“Kosovo quickly scrambled, found a new leader, wasn’t the best leader, but they found one… Kosovo did sign this agreement. Jack Smith tried to stop it.”

“Now the reality is I could put some Balkan reporters on this show to explain to you that those witnesses that Jack Smith used to indict the president of Kosovo Hashim Thaci, who is still in prison.

“These witnesses will come forward and say a couple of things. I was lied to by Jack Smith. I didn’t say all of this stuff. It’s not what I meant to say when you put this in, and here’s the zinger… One of the witnesses will say Jack Smith and his prosecutors faked a CIA agent with a fake card.

“I’ve seen the fake ID, and this person … said I work for the CIA. You need to help us prosecute Hashim Thaci, and you need to say these things.

“Now, this is an accusation. I want to be clear I don’t know these witnesses. All I’m telling you is that these witnesses have come forward. The media in the Balkans have publicized this information. The US media is completely disinterested. They don’t want to know if there’s a man sitting in prison at The Hague who shouldn’t be in prison and was indicted because of political reasons.

“This guy then becomes the inquisitor on Donald J Trump. He was appointed by Biden to lead the Hague and came back and took over…

“Merrick Garland and Joe Biden decided let’s get this guy. He’s really political. He knows how to manipulate everything.”

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