Biden Considers “Sharing” Nuclear Weapons with Poland


The Vilnius NATO Summit ended with more escalation.  NATO is expected to expand the “sharing” of nuclear weapons to Poland at their request. We have always rejected that request.

Polish President Duda is a wild card. He suggested shooting Russia like a rabid beast.

Polish President Andrzej Duda asked specifically about “nuclear sharing,” a NATO system in which countries that do not have their own nuclear weapons host those from those that do.

Currently, the only three countries with their own nuclear weapons are the U.S., the United Kingdom, and France. French President Macron has already said he will not share his Nuclear weapons.

The US currently shares nuclear weapons with The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Turkey.

What happened to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty?

We have spoken with American leaders about whether the United States is considering such a possibility. The issue is open.”

Nuclear weapons in Belarus, and now Poland

The president was clear in highlighting that the sharing program wouldn’t mean that Poland has a nuclear weapon under its control, however.

“Participation in nuclear sharing does not imply having your own nuclear weapon,” he added.

When the interviewer pointed out that countries that now have nuclear weapons began with nuclear sharing, Duda noted that this idea must be thought of in the terms of the “distant future.”Any nation with F-35s or F-16s can carry the now-available nuclear weapons. As a result, Russia has warned that they will assume gifts of F-16s to Ukraine carry nuclear weapons. They have to assume they are.

Biden is running by far the most aggressive joint warfare operation the US has ever waged against Russia, with sweepingly maximalist ideological goals, constant escalation, and no end in sight — and the media keeps framing his position on Ukraine as “cautious” and “hesitant.”

~ Michael Tracey

NATO knows that Ukraine is reckless, irresponsible, and wants a full-blown war for their own purposes. They don’t care what happens to the world.

Ukraine has already bombed Poland, killing two farmers, and tried to pin the blame on Russia. Other bombings have turned out to be by Ukraine despite them blaming Russia.


Biden returned from his visit with Ukraine’s President Zelensky and NATO members and ordered the deployment of 3,000 more reservists to Europe.

He’s preparing us for a ground war. They would need to conscript since they can’t even get a decent size volunteer army together in the Woke military.

People running the show, like Victoria Nuland, and other warmongers in Congress, are acting like World War III is inevitable and the people have no say.

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