Jack Smith’s Trump Trial Be Delayed Past the Election


Attorneys for former President Donald Trump requested millions of pages of classified documents pertaining to the January 6th, 2021, riots at the Capitol. This is the kind of thing that could delay the trial until after the election.

However, the administration-friendly Judge Tanya Chutkan will make the decision to grant the president’s legal team access to the classified documents containing information on everything from his presidential schedule to election tabulation data to the presence of any undercover officers during the riots.

The Trump team also wants “all documents relating to President Trump’s daily schedule for the period from October 1, 2020, through January 20, 2021, including scheduling materials, itineraries, and summaries of President Trump’s activities, including all ‘daily diary’ documents.”

On the election itself, they are seeking “all audits of election results, vote tabulation, vote submission, or related election activities performed by state governments named in the Indictment.”

Prosecutors, who have charged President Trump with interfering with the results of the 2020 election, argue the latest defense motion is another attempt to push the start of the trial past the November 2024 elections.

And their goal is likely to kill his chances in the election because their candidate is senile.

Trump’s attorneys, meanwhile, believe that foreign actors may have posed a greater risk to the outcome of the 2020 election and are seeking information about  “broad Russian and Iranian campaigns” to undermine confidence in America’s electoral infrastructure. In addition, they are seeking documents containing evidence that Venezuela, Cuba, and China “owned, directed, or controlled election infrastructure used in the 2020 federal elections.”

Donald Trump is also appealing the gag order, and the court may loosen it up.

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Popeye the Project Boy
Popeye the Project Boy
2 months ago

TRUMP 2024
Save America!

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

Looks like Jack Smith has opened a Pandora’s Box.

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 months ago

Kangaroo ‘justice’ being implemented…Guilty until proven innocent…The ‘judiciary’, like their contemporaries in the ‘so-called’ “media”, have abandoned their “calling”…