Jake Sullivan Assures Reporters We’re Ready for Direct War


During a press conference today, Jake Sullivan said we are prepared for war if Russia attacks. We will act decisively. The administration will also protect all NATO territories. What about US territory?

The borders are still open, and Russians, Chinese, Iranians, and other people from enemy countries are pouring in. They are not tracked and are free to roam anywhere. Even if they don’t blow us up, they can destroy our political system. The people coming in aren’t all nice Hispanic service workers.

Jake Sullivan said he is concerned about Russian aggression. He has strengthened NATO territory, but oddly enough, not our border as unvetted people pour across day and night. Does anyone see a problem here?

A reporter asked if the US would actively enter the war if Putin nukes Ukraine. Sullivan said they talk with Russia privately.

Before this latest turn of events, Western officials have allegedly said that if Russia uses nukes in Ukraine, we might respond with conventional weapons.

A reporter wants to know if we are prepared for war. Sullivan claims we have “enhanced” force power and the “capacity to…respond.”

The sad thing is that the US administration — that surrendered Afghanistan to 7th-century thugs — seems to be prepared for war with a nuclear nation allied with China. The US has no desire to negotiate and never has. They rejected diplomacy from day one. They’d rather prepare for a war that could end in world devastation.

Sullivan was asked about the Nord Stream attack.

Jake said “unequivocally” that what Russia is saying about the US and other nations is false, but Russia knows that. In other words, no NATO nation did it, and they think Russia did it.

NATO may blame Russia no matter what they find out. Why would Russia go into heavy NATO territory to blow up its own pipeline?

Do you think we did the tiniest bit to make this all come about?

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