Jake Tapper Might Have Cost CNN $1B! Is He Worth It?


Jake Tapper has CNN facing a billion-dollar defamation lawsuit. I say he’s not worth a billion dollars. What say you?

Jake Tapper ran a vicious story on The Lead without evidence.

U.S. Navy veteran Zachary Young and his company, Nemex Enterprises Inc.,  are suing. They could sue for punitive damages, bringing the lawsuit to one billion dollars.

CNN tried to get the case tossed, but the evidence against them was insurmountable. Mr. Young proved the reporting was false. He also proved CNN refused to look at their false reporting and a ton of evidence of malice.

It’s no longer a question of whether they will win. They will. The only question is how much CNN will pay to settle if Mr. Young agrees to settle. Why should he?

The Daily Wire:

A Florida appellate court affirmed this month that U.S. Navy veteran Zachary Young and his company, Nemex Enterprises Inc., could seek punitive damages for the Afghanistan story that the plaintiff alleges had improperly suggested he was an illegal profiteer.

Vel Freedman, Young’s lawyer, told NewsBusters his client lost $40-60 million in economic opportunity and could get up to $600 million if a jury awards him emotional damages. With punitive damages, CNN could also end up paying $1 billion, per the report.

The lawsuit alleges CNN wrecked Young’s reputation and business with its report by correspondent Alex Marquardt. Tapper introduced the segment by telling of a “black market” with demands of “exorbitant fees” and “no guarantee of safety or success.”

Internal communications produced in the case showed CNN employees call Young, the sole operator profiled in the TV and online report, a “shitbag” and “a-hole.” There was also a remark about how they were “going to nail this Zachary Young mfucker.”

The case hinged on CNN’s use of the phrases “black market” and “exploited” to describe Young’s legitimate business helping corporately sponsored Afghans escape the country as it collapsed around them and the Taliban retook control. Young’s clients included Audible and Bloomberg News – one of CNN’s industry peers, and he saved 24 people.

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