Jake Tapper’s “Clumsy Thumb” RTs “F***” DSA Flyer With B-Day Wish for Karl Marx


CNN anchor Jake Tapper retweeted a photo of a Democratic Socialists of America flyer with a slew of “F” bombs for Trump, pro-life, Israel, police, Kavanagh, private property, right to work, corporations, and compromise. It also wishes Karl Marx a Happy 200th birthday, stating accurately it’s “the future of the Democrat Party”.

These people hate Judge Brett Kavanaugh but they can’t even spell his name.

This is what he retweeted and then deleted:


When asked, he said he had spotty wireless and a clumsy thumb. Inexplicably, Ms. Montanari thinks it’s “obviously fake”. What’s fake about it? It’s what DSA stands for.

Montanari wasn’t the only one who thought it was a fake which is odd.

DNC chair Tom Perez just said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the DSA extremist who won the primary in NY14, was the future of the Democratic Party.

What’s fake? It’s not fake.

It’s also ironic that Tapper tweeted a Communist [Democratic Socialists are Communists] flyer after subtly bashing Trump over Russian President Putin throughout the day.

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