Jamaal Bowman & the Anti-Israel Chief Rabbi of Gaza


Representative Jamaal Bowman, who pulled a fire alarm to interfere with the workings of government, fell for a parody social media account with the fake Chief Rabbi of Gaza. The phony account of Rabbi Linda, Goldstein spouts anti-Zionist hate to trap unsuspecting progressives who don’t realize it’s satirical. The New York Post reported the story.

The fake account messaged Bowman and said they would love to host a fundraiser for him. His account promptly responded and asked, “How do we get in touch?”

Jamaal Bowman, who is in a tight race. Let’s hope he loses since he is a loser.

The fake account said the Rabbi’s anti-Zionist community can’t wait to help.

Goldstein‘s account is of a fake, very over-the-top Palestine-loving Rabbi, and she – the fake Rabbi – has a cult following. She’s well-known. The account is operated by a pro-Israel attorney named Michael.

Bowman‘s account, which was very excited about joining the anti-Semitic Rabbi, said it was “just a standard response to a direct message.”

Hakeem Jeffries’ caucus wants to kill Jews and those who support them. Jeffries is the nephew of a famous communist, anti-Semitic professor, Uncle Lenny. So, when you hear his communist, anti-Semitic caucus rant on the side of radicals, you might wonder if he, too, isn’t one of them.

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