James Murdoch abruptly resigns from News Corp over editorial content


James Murdoch, the younger son of News Corp Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch, tendered his immediate resignation to the News Corp Board of Directors on Friday, “due to disagreements over certain editorial content published by the Company’s news outlets and certain other strategic decisions.” Following the announcement, his older brother Lachlan Murdoch and father Rupert Murdoch released a joint statement thanking him for his “years of service to the company.”

News Corp does not own Fox News. Fox News is owned by the Fox Corporation. Both News Corp and the Fox Corporation are controlled by Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch. James Murdoch is NOT on the board of the Fox Corporation.

James is the farthest left of the Murdochs. His brother Lachlan is more of a Libertarian and he runs Fox News with his more conservative father. James and his wife want Fox to dedicate itself to climate change extremism. James reportedly can’t stand Fox News, especially the evening hosts. He no longer watches it.

His very abrupt letter of resignation:




  1. The rich spoiled brat is a legend in his own mind, saving the world from that incredibly dangerous substance known as carbon dioxide. Someone give him a medal.

  2. I wish your article had some depth, further explannation, story. I bought the click like an ice cream cone to find there was no ice cream in the cone that never materalized either.

  3. James has the little brother complex. He has never had to fend for himself. He lives in the shadows of Rupert his father and Lachlan his older brother. Time for the guy to take some LSD and really make something out of himself.

  4. Appently James doesn’t believe Australian journalists don’t have a right to express their point of view regarding their own climate situation……James should be barred from owning and influential media operation.

  5. Who cares? The deterioration of the environment is ongoing–whether people believe it or not is irrelevant because it’s obvious not much can be done about it. All leftards are doing is their usual fooling around, creating expensive jokes.

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