James Woods Excoriates “Vermin”, “Disgraced Cheater” Peter Strzok


Conservative firebrand and actor James Woods was very succinct and accurate in describing what happened in Thursday’s hearings. He also portrayed agent Peter Strzok quite well, and he did it all in a tweet.

Woods tweeted: “At least this vermin bares his fangs with impunity. He did the deed and couldn’t care less what his country thinks. It’s #Nadler and the other enablers who truly disgust decent Americans. This guy just is what he is, forever a footnote to history as a disgraced cheater and mole.”

He added in another tweet, “What is more dangerous than an internal mole working feverishly to befoul the integrity of a presidential election?

Representative Jerry Nadler was out of control obstructing the hearing today. The Democrats were desperate to keep the truth from coming out. James Woods responded to that as well.

“Wow. The are scared to death. Watching these weasels squirm and squeal in broad daylight is amazing.” He enjoyed it: “Watching the # squirm and weasel around is a true joy. Campaign video fodder for #2018,” he tweeted.

Democrats resisted, obfuscated and obstructed at the hearing. Jerry Nadler was among the most obnoxious.

  • I found it astonishing that Strzok attempted to wrap himself in the flag. If only he had wrapped himself in it before he burned it.

  • This man asked Congress to believe that regardless of what HE wrote that on his honor as an FBI agent and head of counterintelligence that he would not and could not do “anything” to interfere with free elections. One problem he has proven his word means nothing when he cheated on his wife. BTW we are expected to believe the Russians have “something” on Trump, what would they do with proof the head of counterintelligence was cheating on his wife?