James Woods Is BACK and on Fire! Watch out AOC


Actor and conservative firebrand James Woods is back on Twitter and he is on fire. He’s been gone a year asking questions with his usual irreverence. His launch includes a nod to communista Ocasio-Cortez and all the rest of them. Here is a sampling.

This appears to be gone already:



  1. Rebels with strong spines built this country and those without it won’t be able to build or maintain anything.
    I’ll still watch Videodrome when there is a foot or so of global warming outside.
    Fearless people like James Woods are inspiring.

  2. Mr. Woods, so glad to see “you back in action” have missed your comments and knowing how they tried to ‘silence you, makes this return ALL THE BETTER.’ We must ALL stick together, as the Dems are going to try anything to unseat POTUS Trump, and of course the “Holly-Woodhead Haters are out in force, though melting down! It’s been one hellava few months….wish I would have been on vacay…engrossed daily as always FOR TRUMP!

    Time Now, to get the REAL CRIMINALS among those who tried to cover up their OWN CRIMINALITY …..starting at the top-Obama/Hillary etal.

    P.S. Wish you would run for “Governor of our sad state, California” that Dems have turned into a
    Sanctuary State……..with Dem run cities like ‘San FranFeces and Lost Angeles!’ Sad but we will endure and remove the Corrupt Democrats who have ruined our once great state.

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