James Woods on the Moment Mankind’s Fate Was Decided?


James Woods pinpoints the potential moment that sealed our fate. It was the moment that Barack Obama worked out a nuclear deal that allowed Iran to get the bomb within nine years. (see the clips below}

The deal led to a weakened United States that refused to react to Iran’s violations over and over, helping them grow in wealth and strength.

Is he correct? Is this the moment that will decide the fate of mankind?

Biden removed sanctions, greatly enriching Iran, and they used the money to use proxies to attack Israel and the Red Sea. The sanctions were removed as Biden foolishly continues to try to resurrect the nuclear deal. We now face an expanding global war as Ukraine sputters with hundreds of thousands of lives lost.

The administration is trying to negotiate with terrorists who want to destroy us.

Donald Trump thinks he can handle this.

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich said he knows why Donald Trump puts up with all that he goes through.

Donald Trump is risking his wealth, freedom, and life by running. He wants the United States we know and love to survive for his children, grandchildren, and ours. Donald Trump believes he can turn this around and has some good ideas on how to do it.

The former president is willing to go through Hell to do it.

Every real estate developer does what Trump did, and every bank does its own appraisals. That is true.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago

They threw Blagojevich in prison mainly because he knew too much about Obama and the crime syndicate we call Democrat party,

and Blagojevich might have talked and revealed too much about the criminals.

He is lucky it was only prison time, they often “Seth Rich” and “Jeffrey Epstein” people who know too much…