James Woods: “The greatest hoax in American political history”


People don’t believe what is happening is actually happening. With the media’s constant lies, you can understand why Americans are in the dark.

James Woods said he is “so sick of the insurrection talk by the corrupt Democrats when their government apparatus and media lapdogs perpetrated the greatest hoax in American political history. The #RussiaHoax was an outright coup attempt but has never been prosecuted.”

There was a riot on J6, not an insurrection, and it was not nearly as violent as the George Floyd riots. The J6 prisoners were grossly overcharged to make it seem more serious than it is.

Chicago during the George Floyd riots.

“The greatest hoax in American political history” is the Russia hoax. Although the charges against Donald Trump have come close, They are Russiagate 2.0.

All of this makes sense when you realize corrupt Democrats want all the power over Americans and they want it permanently. They will do anything to keep power. We are in the hands of neo-communists.

Mr. Woods linked to Kanekoa the Great’s video and comments. Kanekoa wrote:

“It would not be an exaggeration to say that Russiagate was the greatest disinformation campaign of the 21st century.

“The Steele Dossier, the Alfa Bank story, and the infamous ‘peepee tape’ were all fabrications.

“For years, members of the FBI, DOJ, CIA, Congress, and the corporate media propagated this disinformation, attempting to overthrow the most populist President of the modern era.

“The harm caused by a few hundred Trump supporters entering the Capitol with flags and bullhorns pales in comparison to the damage inflicted by our institutions’ ongoing attempts to undermine the American people’s vote.”

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