Afghan Murders German Officer, Terrorists at Quantico, Diversity Is Our Strength


A German police officer died of his injuries inflicted by an Afghan import to Germany.

The 29-year-old was one of six people who suffered serious injuries during the attack in the central square of Mannheim on Friday. Police have not publicly suggested any possible motive.

He was stabbed multiple times.

Meanwhile, our borders are open, and we just escaped a terror attack. It’s not if but when we suffer massive attacks from cartels or terrorists, thanks to the Biden administration.

The Biden administration has essentially confirmed one of America’s worst — and most politically consequential — nightmares related to the ongoing border crisis.

Two illegal immigrants just attempted a terror attack on US soil. We know that a Jordanian who illegally crossed the border joined up with another Jordanian who had overstayed his visa and drove a box truck to the gates of Quantico.

They claimed to be Amazon delivery drivers and tried to access a site that houses the FBI training academy, military officer training schools, and military criminal investigations and intelligence commands.

Quick-thinking military police stopped the truck and charged the men with trespassing before turning them over to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The government will not provide further information.

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