Jamie Dimon Defended Donald Trump in a Rare Democrat Moment


Very liberal Jamie Dimon stuck up for Donald Trump and admonished Democrats. He gave them good advice, and I wish he’d stop. Let them keep hanging themselves with mindless hate.

He was on a panel for the Squawk Box.

Rushed Transcript

“I just also want to point out that I wish the Democrats would think a little more carefully when they talk about MAGA. You know, if you and I travel this country, you know then the country is unbelievable. We took our bus trip this year, and Leslie Picker was in Spokane, and Boise, and Bozeman. People are growing, they’re hungry to grow, they’re innovating, and it’s everywhere. [It’s growing?] it’s not just Silicon Valley, so we’ve got this great hand [they do?], but when people say MAGA, they’re actually looking at people voting for Trump, and they think they’re voting” for him because they are like them.

“They’re basically going after them because they think they are like him, and but I don’t think they’re voting for Trump because of his family values. … to be honest, he’s kind of right about NATO, kind of right with immigration. He grew the economy quite well, trade, tax reform, worked. He was right about some of China. I don’t like what he said, China virus… I don’t like he said things in Mexico, but he wasn’t wrong about some of these critical issues and that’s why they vote for him, and I think people should be a little more respectful of our all citizens.

The narrator interrupted and said, “Why are you supposed to hate 75 million of your fellow Americans?”

“I agree,” Dimon said. “You know, the Democrats have done a pretty good job with the deplorables, plugging their bibles, and their beer, and their guns, I mean really… just stop that stuff and actually grow up and treat other people with respect and listen a little bit.”

“I think this negative talk about MAGA is going to hurt Biden’s election…”

Personally, I think Democrats know this but don’t care. Perhaps it gets them more votes.

Trump supporters vote for his agenda, and Biden’s agenda is destroying the country. We also appreciate the sacrifices he’s made to transform the country back to the free nation it once was – a Republic.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

Tump is right on the key issues.