Janice Dean on NY Gov Andrew Cuomo’s blood money

Janice Dean, the Fox News meteorologist, lost her mother-in-law and father-in-law to COV after Cuomo forced elderly COV patients into nursing homes. Her husband’s parents died alone and separated from each other and everyone in one of the seeded nursing homes instead of a hospital.

At the time, Cuomo had a near-empty hospital ship and the Javitts Center hospital, which was also barely occupied.


Recently, it was discovered that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who mandated the nursing home policy, was given $5.12 million upfront for his book about his ‘outstanding’ leadership during the crisis. The book, American Crisis, Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic, only sold 48,000 books.

This payoff was despite the fact that he was responsible for the nursing home deaths.

The book was another form of his devious cover-up.

Dean, writing for the NY Post, thought it was a “joke” when she first heard, but learned it was actually a “nightmare.”

“Governor Cuomo writes book congratulating himself while simultaneously helping to kill off thousands of seniors in nursing homes,” she wrote.

She continued, “My husband lost both his mother and father in separate elder-care facilities last spring. So while Cuomo was trying to sell his lies on a page to the highest bidder, a COVID-19 fire was spreading through nursing homes where our most vulnerable lived.”

Then he and his staff covered up the actual death toll.

Dean believes the book should be filed under ‘true crime.’

Mrs. Dean wrote on Twitter:

On another note, Gov. Andrew Cuomo — who’s facing allegations that he sexually harassed a series of female aides — deflected, joked, and laughed before denying Monday that he’d ever had an intimate relationship with a subordinate.

It’s not because he didn’t try in some obscene ways.

Democrat Assemblyman Ron Kim wants justice for those killed by Cuomo’s policy



  1. Why Gov. Cuomo isn’t being tried for Genocide is beyond me. If this was 1946 and New York was Germany, Gov. Cuomo would have a date with the Gallows. There’s really is not that much difference between 16 Thousand and 6 Million; both are Genocide! Luckily, there isn’t a statute of limitations on mass murder. Situations like this is why Government must not have tyrannical power, especially the Executive Branch.

    Like it or not, President Trump understood what Tyrannical Power was which is why he did not make a National Mandate, but allowed Governors the option to do what was best for their region. It appears that some Governors only did what was best for them and their friends.

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