Janoris Jenkins cut from the Giants for saying the ‘r’ word — we kid you not


The New York Giants’ cut veteran cornerback Janoris Jenkins because he called a fan the ‘r’ word.  For two days I tried to figure out what the ‘r’ word could possibly be.  I thought he might have called him a “rat,” or “repulsive,” or “reptilian.”

None of those words qualify as curse words one can’t repeat, however, but the media around here would only say it was the ‘r’ word.

Finally, I saw today that Jenkins called the fan a “retard.”

He posted the insult to some anonymous person who was criticizing him for posting his performance stats after a game his team lost.

“I only can do my job.. ret**d,” Jenkins responded.

He apologized in a second tweet and mentioned it was his “culture,” and he “really didn’t mean no harm.”

The media torched him and the Giants released him.

Remarkably, the Giants’ head coach Pat Shurmur said the tweet led directly to his release.

“Obviously, what happened this week, and the refusal to acknowledge the inappropriate and offensive language, was the determining factor,” he said.

“Best news ever…Thank you,” a nonchalant Jenkins responded in another tweet.

The Giants likely wanted to cut him for some other reason or reasons, but wouldn’t admit it.

On top of that, one of the dopey talking heads at ESPN thought Jenkins should have performed community service in a hospital with the intellectually challenged.

This is beyond ridiculous. Jenkins wasn’t talking about people who are actually mentally challenged.

Riley Cooper said he’d “fight every n* in here” and his contract was extended. Jenkins should have just called the fan a Mfer or a S*head like Megan Rapinoe and he would have been fine.

The reporter in the next clip — Jordan Raanan — says Jenkins “doesn’t get it.” Guess what, neither do I. The Giants have to be lying. They must have wanted Jenkins gone for some other reason.

Reporters are out of control and the media is out of control. The media drives a lot of this and they are a lot worse for our culture than one football player saying the ‘r’ word. They’re killing free speech.



  1. Everybody expects everybody to be perfect but like he said, in some environments, even some schools, this is like saying hello. It’s a bad habit but it’s just a saying. We shouldn’t try to make everyone perfect. It would be so boring.

  2. There are two types of retarded people: those born that way and God Bless them because they try very hard, and those who choose to live live that way (such as ESPN and the NY Giants management).

  3. The fan wasn’t the only retard. There are too many mentally challenged retards running things. It needs to change or soon everyone will be offended by the sound of another person’s breathing.

  4. He was under contract for next year. The truth is, the Giants were looking to get rid of this guy, preferably without having to pay him. This is the perfect excuse. Jenkins was not happy with the Giants either, so it’s best for everyone.

  5. you don’t want an employer that won’t support you, better off finding work elsewhere. I’m a Giants fan, but they benched Eli after two losses, so not too many smart people in charge right now. not surprising they did this…

  6. There is more than one definition of retard.
    1. Act of of retarding or state of being retarded.
    2. Hindrance
    3. slowness or limitation in development
    4. Slow
    5. Music: Suspension resolved upward.
    Example: the Mueller Investigation was retarded. as it was hindered by the DNC, Clinton and their lackey Media; due to the fraudulent Steele dossier which was acted upon by the FBI without proper investigation and verification. In the viacular of many observing the constipated thinking of these ass-in-mind creators of this fraudulent farce, in short; A bunch of retards were in charge.

    • I don’t recall when this word became offensive. Growing up in the 50s, it was commonly used, but seldom as a pejorative. How many large trucks or street signs have you seen referring to engine retarders?
      The problem that I see with social media is that most people have no filters.
      Was Jenkins disrespectful? Yes, but so was the so-called “fan” in criticizing Jenkins.

  7. Only effective way to address this is to boycott all NFL until they abandon this crap. Those that continue to support these retards are the real problem here.

  8. ….. and here I started reading thinking that the ‘R’ word was going to be Redneck.
    But then again, Rednecks are often Christians, and the two groups are about the only ones who can be openly mocked and the Media will gleefully pile on in approval.

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