Hank Johnson says Trump’s too tall for Ukraine President Zelensky


What is wrong with Rep. Hank Johnson and who are these people who vote for him? He smiled at one point during a bizarre statement during the impeachment hearing so we are guessing he thinks he’s clever.

Johnson said Trump was taller and his chair was bigger than Zelensky’s  and it created an “imbalance of power.” Zelensky — to Hank — looked like his daughter “duct-taped in the basement” during the conversation with Trump.

To prove he actually said that, we have the tape:

We haven’t been able to figure out what’s wrong with Hank since his ‘Guam might tip over’ speech. How could anyone forget how Hank worried Guam would tip over if we put too many soldiers on the island. He was also concerned from an environmental standpoint with all those soldiers. How could they be good for the environment, after all?

Hank actually has a law degree.

In January, he went on a racist rant about white supremacy. He doesn’t like the President or his followers.

“Americans elected an authoritarian, anti-immigrant, racist strong man to the nation’s highest office,” Hank said at the time. “Donald Trump and his Make America Great Again followers, who want to return America back to a time when white men and white privilege were unchallenged and where minorities and women were in their place.”

His brain is fried.

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