Jason Whitlock calls out the “cowards” at the NFL who back a Marxist political movement


Jason Whitlock was on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday and he gave a clear assessment of what is wrong with the NFL. The latest plan by the rudderless organization is to play the Black national anthem before each game, followed by the real national anthem. We can all envision everyone standing robotically for the Black anthem and kneeling for the real one.

Tucker asked Whitlock about it at the end of his show last night.

The NFL is mindlessly following the dictates of Black Lives Matter and they are doing it for money.

Whitlock told Carlson that Black Lives Matter is clearly a communist political movement, it’s a Marxist political movement. The NFL is doing it because their money is on the line.

The NFL is going against the values they purportedly backed throughout their existence. “This is the NFL jumping the shark,” Whitlock said. America has made them “filthy rich” and they are unwilling to stand up for the values that made them rich.

There’s no way you can do any research on Black Lives Matter and not know it’s a communist, anti-religious group, he continued.

“I see a lack of leadership. A failure of men. This goes against every value that exemplifies America. The NFL has built itself on unity and there is no way you can do any research on the Black Lives Matter Movement and not see it’s a Marxist movement.”

Tucker asked Whitlock where is NFL commissioner Roger Goodell during this mess?

“Under his desk like a coward. Abandoning those in America that enriched him by doing nothing to back them up. A complete failure of leadership that has men and women falling in cowardice.”

Watch the short clip:

Watch the full interview:

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