Kamala Harris’ Wikipedia page has been edited over 500 times


Since Kamala Harris was mentioned as a possible running mate for presumptive presidential candidate Joe Biden, her Wikipedia page has undergone 500 edits.

All the edits are aimed at cleaning up her image, especially when it comes to her relationship with Willie Brown and her record as a prosecutor.

That’s not very honest.

The page has seen more than 500 revisions since May 9, which The Intercept characterized as “scrubbing controversial aspects” that “could prove unflattering to Harris.” It also reported the editing has “elicited strong pushback” from the online encyclopedia’s cadre of volunteer editors.

After the updates from the sole user, who goes by ‘Bnguyen1114’, another editor wrote on the talk page, “You seem to have gone through a database of press releases from Harris’s office, cataloging every single one and adding it to the article. That is not how we write encyclopedic articles.”

The page is now under the control of other editors.

According to some reports, the user appears to be an organizer for the volunteers for Kamala Harris’ campaign.

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