WaPo editor, “America is a racist and patriarchal society”


Washington Post global opinions editor Karen Attiah called America “a racist and patriarchal society” in response to the threats she says she received over a deleted tweet. In the tweet in question, she declared, “White women are lucky that we are just calling them ‘Karen’s.’ And not calling for revenge.”

In another tweet over the backlash, she wrote: “America is a racist and patriarchal society. We cannot dismantle the full range of oppression in this society without addressing how toxic ideas of white masculinity interplay with the notion of ‘protecting’ their women from Black people

“Karen” and “Betty” are disparaging terms for white women and “white masculinity” is stereotyping. Both are very racist comments.

The tweets are at the end of the article.

In the article she links to in her tweet, she writes:

In the past several years, “Karen” has come to represent a certain archetype of middle-aged white female privilege — or the new n-word, depending on whom you ask. Yup, “Karen” is the new black.

A young Karen likely would have been the class snitch, tattling on her classmates to the teacher to get them in trouble. Middle-aged Karen is the one asking to see your manager. And a Karen at the peak of her powers will call the police on someone for a mild inconvenience.

In the article, she basically dismisses any accusations that the smear is racist or sexist because Black people really suffer. She is illogical.

‘White privilege’ is also a very racist term. We can think of a lot of minorities with a lot of privilege.


The WaPo editor also blames ALL white women for the crime of one white woman years ago who was indirectly responsible for the cruel death of Emmet Till.

Attiah also suggests it’s racist for white women to vote for President Trump.

It is safe to say she hates white women and men and she is the editor of the second-most read paper in the United States.

As I said before, the hate comes from the left.




  1. Washington Post global opinions editor Karen Attiah has to be one of the stupidest women on the planet.
    Just another fascist b’ach who got her “Equal Opportunity” job because of her racist sun tan . . .
    Attiah . . . sounds low intellect arab to me . . . you are aware most racists in the USA today are blacks, browns & asians !
    Whites are too busy getting on with life, so the browns & blacks have to stage Fake Hate Crimes like Jussie Smollet & Bubba !

  2. And American-Black society is racist and matriarchal, so what?

    If so-called ‘Karens’ and ‘Bettys’ are to be threatened, then Laquisha is in line for some herself.

    I truly do hope that Black radicals, with the support of brainwashed, genetically-white, communist dupes, DO start a revolution…also known as a target-rich environment.

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