Jaw Dropping! Napolitano Spent $17,600 on Lavish Banquet Night Before Tuition Increase


University of California president Janet Napolitano stashed away $175 million in a secret slush fund while publicly beating the drum for tuition and fee increases. Napolitano interfered with state auditors, prompting UC students and workers to call for her arrest and Democratic legislators to demand her resignation. The UC regents publicly defended her.

Janet Napolitano and her elitist board at the taxpayer-funded UCLA were also arranging lavish dinners paid for by the endowment.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported Sunday that UC President Janet Napolitano’s office reimbursed regents for more than $225,000 in dinner parties since 2012, including $17,600 for a banquet for 65 people held the night before the board voted to raise tuition.

On May 17, the regents threw a $15,199 party at San Francisco’s elegant Palace Hotel for 59 people — a $258-a-head event also billed to the university. That was the night of a protest by students.

Even Gavin Newsome said this was an unnecessary expense.

The regents will absorb the costs of the dinners now. Huh? Why is anyone paying for their dinners? Oh, I know, because they’re entitled.

The UC regents have gone to bat for Napolitano.

Regent Norm Pattiz was “delighted when I found out we had a chance to have Janet Napolitano as our president and was “still delighted” after the audit. Last year during a commercial, Pattiz asked television writer Heather McDonald, “Wait a minute — can I hold your breasts?” and referred to his hands as “memory foam.”

The Daily Bruin, a UC student publication, has described Pattiz as a “porn connoisseur” and called for him to resign.

Pattiz and the other crooks haven’t gone anywhere. It’s impossible to get rid of all the crooks. They’re like festering boils.

Napolitano claims there is no slush fund and the money is going to pay off an upgrade to the payroll system at a cost of $504 million.

She has a lot of other projects to include studies on why people own guns.

The Regents said the endowments paid for the dinners not state funds, however, the fact is that whatever help the endowments could have had in easing tuition and other costs is negated by these abuses. The money could have gone towards easing tuition costs instead of feeding these elitists.

Governor Moonbat Moonbeam is withholding $50 million from the University of California in light of an audit showing they stashed $175 million in secret funds, reported  Fox News.

Get these crooks out. They have no shame.

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